Bike Fitting



  • 1. INSEAM (CROTCH TO FLOOR) - Standing up straight with your feet 2" apart, pull a carpenter's level or a leveled dowel or broomstick firmly against your crotch, holding it with one hand in front and one hand behind. It should be level and as snug as sitting on a fence rail. Have a friend measure from the top of the level or dowel to the floor. Alternatively, face a wall and slide a large book firmly up between your legs with one edge of it against the wall so that its top edge is level. Mark the wall at the top edge of the book, and measure from the floor to the mark.
  • 2. TORSO (STERNUM TO CROTCH) - This is the vertical measurement from the bottom of the sternum notch (bone notch below the Adam's apple where the collarbones meet) to the crotch. Stand up straight facing a wall with feet 2" apart and toes touching the wall. Hold a pencil horizontally in your sternum notch, pointing outward, and mark the wall with it. Do the same for the crotch (see 1) and measure the torso distance.
  • 3. FOREARMS (ELBOW TO KNUCKLE) - Place your elbow on a flat surface with your forearm in a vertical position. Make a fist as if you were going to arm-wrestle a friend. Measure the distance from the flat surface to the top of your pinkie knuckle.
  • 4. HEIGHT - Measured from the ground up to the top of your head (make sure you measure with your shoes off !!!).
  • 5. WEIGHT

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