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Making sure you have what you need for race day to achieve your best performance.


Inside-Out Sports has Bikes, Wheels,  Bike Cases, and Wetsuits available for race rental.  We also have Trainers available for rent during spin classes.

See the individual item rental pages under "Read More" for rental terms and prices.


At Inside-Out Sports, we understand the philosophy of aerodynamics and biomechanical functions of the body in order to maximize power, efficiency, and comfort. If you are looking to purchase a new bike or needing to make changes to your current set up, we can help. Our staff is fully qualified to fit you on Road, Triathlon and Mountain bike positions.  We follow the methods and ideals of fitting through the Fit Institute of Slowtwitch, as well as the Specialized BG fitting process.

Making sure you get the right size bike is our main concern. We are not here just to sell bikes, but provide you with the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions to meet your goals. Our first step in this process is taking a proven method of measurements which provides a starting point of determining parameters which are acceptable for each individual. These measurements are critical to begin the fitting process and the fitting will conclude with a greater understanding of why your body fits the bike, not the bike fitting your body.

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Professional Bike Fitting – $125.00

(Free with purchase of new bike)


What type of customer does this apply to?

  • Customer looking for professional guidance in making changes to their current bike
  • Customer looking to maximize efficiency, power, aerodynamics, and comfort
  • Customer needing the latest component and parts such as aero bars, forward seat post, changes in stem length, saddle etc
  • Customer that has pain, numbness, range of motion limitations, recovering from injuries and any other issues in terms of needing more comfort while cycling

What do you get for the applied charge?

  • Consultation with a professional fitter about specific customer needs
  • Detailed Fit Card Measurements and assessment for future reference
  • Changes made to bike and rider position by a qualified fitter to achieve the desired goal
  • Free follow-up fittings for minor changes due to customer personal preferences
  • Visual picture of before and after fitting positions using our motion capture cameras

What do I need to bring and how long will it take?

  • You will need to bring your bike, shoes, pedals, and comfortable clothing to take a test ride outside
  • If you have your own parts that may need installing, bring them as well
  • This process will most likely take 1 hour to 1.5 hours

How do I sign up for a Bike Fitting Appointment?

Note: All Fitting appointments should be made in advance to assure individual attention with few interruption

Appointments can be set as follows:

  • Monday thru Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sunday 1:00pm to 4:00pm


"A proper bike fit is part art/part science; the crew at Inside Out Sports has both aspects down pat. Their method incorporates your subjective feedback on feel into numerical analysis and objective observation to provide each customer with a fit that maximizes both comfort and performance." Justin Park, Professional Triathlete


At Inside-Out Sports, we are not here just to sell you a bike, but are dedicated to being involved in every step of the life of your bike. Whether you need a bike part installed, replaced, or adjusted; or you just want a tune-up, we can help you out. We offer packages and a la carte services.

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Comprehensive Tune-Up $85

  • Adjustment, lubrication, and fine tuning of shifting, braking, and bearing systems
  • Wheel Truing
  • Frame Cleaning

Drivetrain Degrease $130

  • Remove all drivetrain components for ultra-sonic cleaning
  • Adjustment, lubrication, and fine tuning of shifting, braking, and bearing systems
  • Wheel truing
  • Frame cleaning

Complete Overhaul $195

  • All components removed from frame for cleaning
  • Drivetrain components degreased in ultra-sonic cleaner
  • Adjustment, lubrication, and fine tuning of shifting, braking, and bearing systems
  • Wheel truing
  • Frame cleaning
  • New cables, housings, and bar tape

Special Services

  • Same-Day Service (Major Repair) – $300
  • Next-Day Service – $100


Labor Rates — All prices based on shop rate of $80/hr

Adjust Brake 20.00
Adjust Derailleur 20.00
Adjust Derailleur Hanger 20.00
Adjust Headset 10.00
Adjust Wheel Hub 20.00
Build bike (from bare frame) 175.00
Build Bike (from boxed bike) 150.00
Build Wheel 80.00
Install Aero-bars 25.00
Install Bar Tape 15.00
Install Bottom Bracket 25.00
Install Cable FB/RB/FD/RD 20.00
Install Casette 20.00
Install Chain 20.00
Install Computer 20.00
Install Crankset (including BB) 40.00
Install Derailleur 25.00
Install Fork 40.00
Install Headset 25.00
Install Tire (Clincher) 10.00
Install Tire (Tubular w/ Glue) 40.00
Install Tire (Tubular w/ Tape) 30.00
Install Tube 10.00
Overhaul Bottom Bracket 30.00
Overhaul Headset 30.00
Overhaul Hub 30.00
Replace Brake Pads 20.00
Replace Spoke 20.00
Stretch & Pre-Glue Tubular Tire 20.00
True Wheel 20.00

Bike Service Information:

  • For our Cary store please call 919-466-0101 ext. 20
  • For our Charlotte store please call 704-333-8331
  • For our North Raleigh store please call 919-861-9903
  • For General Bicycle Maintenance questions please email


Finding the right shoe can make all the difference to your training - it can boost running efficiency, maximize comfort and support, but more importantly reduce the risk of injury. Our trained staff will watch you run or walk and perform a few simple tests to determine which type of shoe is best for you, offer several options to try on, and help you select the perfect pair for your individual needs so that you get the most enjoyment from your new pair of shoes .