Exporting GPS Routes to your Device

These directions should guide you to export a GPS route and upload it to you device.

For all devices:

  1. Open route in Map my Ride
  2. Click on “More” in the tab
  3. Then click “Download GPX”
  4. The downloaded file will be placed in your web browsers default location. Most users will find this in their “Downloads” folder on their computer.


  1. Once you have downloaded the GPX file plug in your Garmin device into your computer via Garmin USB cable and make sure the device is turned ON.
  2. Drag & drop or copy & paste the downloaded file into the Garmin > Garmin > NewFiles folder.
  3. Eject the device from the Mac Finder by hitting the eject button next to the folder.
    On Windows, you can eject the device by right-clicking the folder and then click eject.
  4. Turn ON your Garmin and select the route to start navigating.


[Make sure you have the Wahoo ELEMNT App installed on you phone or tablet]
  1. On the device where the route is downloaded, create a new email and attach the GPX ride file
  2. Send the email to an email address  accessible from the device you use to connect to your Wahoo through the ELEMNT App (can be the same as the sending address)
  3. Once received, open the email on your mobile device and tap the attachment.
  4. Select the ELEMNT App from the list that appears.
  5. The ELEMNT App will open with a prompt to name the route. Once named, the route is listed under Choose a route from the app’s Workout page.
  6. With your Wahoo connected to the app, tap the route to view the overview, then press Select (or SELECT ROUTE on Android) to sync and start the route immediately. Routes sent to your Wahoo are saved to ride any time, even without connecting to the internet or the app.
  7. Once synced, the route will stay on your Wahoo and can be found later by navigating to your Wahoo’s Map page and pressing ROUTE.
  8. Your route library will show, to start a listed route, scroll down to select it, then press SELECT. End the route by simply stopping the workout, or by returning to the Map page to select ROUTE, then END.