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Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra

  • Reviewed by: Carolyn Gentry
  • Reviewed on: September 17, 2008
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I love the fact that my closet is stuffed mostly with cool, comfortable technical workout clothing.  What I love even more, is that some of my favorite workout clothes are also my favorite going to work, play, socialize and travel outfits.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!

As more and more women are participating in competitive triathlon and running events, the need for women specific technical wear is rising.  Even though we women love to look and feel fit, we often feel that when we are dressed in our “workout” clothes and are running through our local park or stopping off to pick the kids up at school afterwards, we hope we don’t run into anyone we know.  So why not have the opportunity to get great technical apparel but also sassy, flattering outfits that take you from work to play to training and anything else that comes up?  SkirtsSports has hit the jackpot with this idea and are the forerunner (excuse the pun) in designing awesome looking, comfortable, fun and fantastic mix and match items to suit all these needs as well as having all the technical features of today’s top athletic wear.

SkirtSports, an edgy company begun by professional triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, encourages “fun and fitness and feeling good about living”. Nicole began the company with an idea that would allow women to never have to sacrifice femininity for performance in their workout clothes. I wonder if Nicole knew at the time that her vision would change how women look, feel, and view themselves.

I got my first Skirt Sports “GymGirl” skirt about three months ago.  It is a silky feeling loose skirt covering over some stretchy bike-short length shorts.  I was hesitant to actually run in the skirt at first, so wore it to work and out and about on the weekends.  The skirt was so comfortable and carefree that it quickly became one of my favorite travel items.  Wearing the skirt made me feel fit, cute and athletic….I know, bizarre that a clothing item can have that effect on a forty-seven year old women but trust me, it does!

I had my first opportunity to run in my GymGirl Skirt this past weekend.  For me, it was a long hot day out in the sun with the race scheduled for 5 pm.  Having to work a few hours before the race, I worked in my skirt then ran a quick warm-up before the race start.  I was pleasantly surprised that the skirt was so easy to run in.  With the built-in shorties made of compression mesh and a liner with moisture management, I felt cool and comfortable throughout my run.  The compression fabric of the shorts stayed in place and due to the mesh like weave of the fabric, I felt “breezy”.  The overlaying skirt did not flap as I thought it may as I ran and I felt great as I ran along.  The skirt and built in shorties were a super combination.  The skirt gave good coverage over shorts that were a little too “airy” for me to wear alone.  There was no need to feel self conscious in this combination.  The soft wide waistband did not fold nor bind. With a coordinating top, I actually felt “girly” and a little “sassy” as I ran.  After the race, I was excited to change into my SkirtSports’ running dress, which paired with some Shorties, is designed to be a running outfit. I, however, was now dressed and set to enjoy the rest of the evening.

One run and I am a convert! 

SkirtSports makes a variety of skirts, tops, and swimsuits for running, cycling, and triathlons in sizes from xs to xxxl.  You will find that their fitness apparel is what you want to live in.  I challenge every women to give Skirts a try….you too will be a convert.